Storytellers in Harmony

A mysterious woman walks alone before dawn, in the Catskill morning mist humming a tune. Brother Juniper searches for meaning in a Precarious world. Love is lost and mourned, while new love surprises us – we never saw it coming. 

From The Great East Coast Black-Out to today’s contentous media news cycle, Moss Meredith spin their tales from life experience and show their many influences.  Some will hear The Band, others The Beatles, and Crosby Stills and Nash.

Friends for over 35 years, Marc Moss and Dave Meredith have written and released their finest album to date and invite you to listen and sing along with their new CD “Late For The Moon”.

You may find yourself Somewhere between Memphis and the 4th of July; theres a hot cup of coffee and a warm apple pie, guaranteed.  It’s Sage Advice.

About Our Cover Art

One day Amy posted a painting of a handsome Rooster and it really caught my eye.  I commented to Amy that it would be an incredible album cover!  

A few days later, she showed up at my house, painting in hand, and handed the lovely work of art to me, warning me that the varnish might still be tacky!