Fountain of Truth

Blind Faith, a Mass of humanity; line up and join the insanity; No one willing to compromise; Always so polarized. two sides two side to every story two sides two side to every story D            F                      C Buddhists chant from […]

Sage Advice

Say Old Timer what is your Price For you to share some Sage Advice I been slaving down in this hole I’ve yet to find my pot of gold   I can tell you and you might hear as many words fall out your ear It’s your choice roll the dice Or listen to my […]

Without Light

Verse: I wish that I could remember everything that happened why you went away so many disagreements  over really nothing Nothing is all I have to show   Dust gathers on the painting like snowflakes in a field I couldn’t bare to hang it everything you captured everything you shared Passion hiding in plain sight […]

Domino Effect

It’s a domino effect you see Runs through our society If we let the weak among us fall We’re asking for the same to touch us all   A Rising Tide will lift all boats A helpful hand keeps us afloat Ask not what’s in the deal for you Have the faith to see it […]

Narrow Lane

(Kapo 2) – (Key of A) Before the Sun, late for the moon she walks alone, she hums a tune where she goes, if I only knew  She leaves behind, the love she knew   Light of Day (Here she comes) Light of Day (There she goes) Down the narrow lane There a song that […]


Where were you when the lights went out and darkness came to call? Waiting for the moon to rise and come and save us all   Where were you when the lights went out and darkness came along? Dancing by the fire, drinking spirits, singing songs   Some will warn of darkness yet to come […]


V1 There’s a land of the living And a land of the dead Love is the bridge  Brother Juniper said   Bm At San Luis Rey Am A span strong and fine F Fell to the depths D/F# From gravity and time.   Chorus: Is there a meaning A wind to carry us As we […]

The Wedge

V1 My youthful curiosity got the best of me; So I left the world I knew to see what I could be; Now we’re unloading ships down here in Baltimore; My Hands are warn and bloody and my back is sore; If you ain’t got a prayer you still gotta try; Just as the Raven […]

Between Memphis and the 4th of July

Verse #1:   Everyone’s dreamed of this place But maybe we’ve only flown over A heart-land of whiskey and rye We found we drank ourselves sober   Coal cars rust in the yard Smoke stacks no longer bellow The only sign left of this town Busted broken Odd Fellows   Chorus #1:   Between Memphis […]