The Amazing Artist: Amy

Amy Francisconi

I was introduced to Tom & Amy Francisconi by my friend and marketing mentor, Rick DeDontato, when we worked on the website and web presence for their Plumbing company T. A. Austin Plumbing.

The Francisconi’s and I became friends and connected on Facebook and Instagram, where I noticed Amy posting some incredible drawings.  I would often respond and add comments.

One day Amy posted a painting of a handsome Rooster and it really caught my eye.  I commented to Amy that it would be an incredible album cover!  

A few days later, she showed up at my house, painting in hand, and handed the lovely work of art to me, warning me that the varnish might still be tacky!

In the throes of a pandemic, my concerts were all cancelled and I hadn’t touched my guitar in months.  Her kind gesture struck me as a challenge.  Art must go on in spite of all we have to face on a daily basis.  I reached out to my dear friend, Marc Moss, and we started talking about songwriting and some ideas we had both been tossing around in our minds. 

Fast forward a year later and we had a new album in need of a cover.  I showed Marc the painting and he loved it as much as I did.  Late for the Moon had a cover.

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Amy’s Book on Amazon.

It all started with a drawing of a bluebird I did on an envelope I was sending to my daughter. I scanned and posted the bird’s image on Facebook before putting the envelope out for the mailman. Not long after, a friend posted the comment, “Dear Aunty Amy, we’d like an ABC book of your animals, please” signed with hugs and kisses from her and her baby daughter. With that sweet request and the added encouragement of a snow day from Mother Nature, I sat down and began to draw the animals you’ll find inside An Audacious Alphabet.

At first, I had no intention of doing anything more ambitious than getting an alphabet list together to print out and mail to the few friends who said they’d want a copy. What I didn’t count on was how many of my book-loving friends would end up voicing their desire to have a copy (or two! or three!). As more people became interested and I got about halfway through the alphabet, I decided it would be easier for everyone concerned to self-publish.

I had a blast thinking of which animals I’d use for each letter and the added amusement of applying alliterative actions and adornments to each as I drew and painted them. It took nearly two months to compile the A to Z list, get them drawn and painted, and scan each ‘critter’ into my computer in anticipation of putting this book together, but every step of the way I was cheered on by my book-loving friends. I had a ball creating these audacious little creatures and giving their unique personalities voice!


Some of Her Work