My youthful curiosity got the best of me;
So I left the world I knew to see what I could be;
Now we’re unloading ships down here in Baltimore;
My Hands are warn and bloody and my back is sore;
If you ain’t got a prayer you still gotta try;
Just as the Raven flies into the clear blue skies.


I’m going home to The Wedge
where the crickets sing all night.
The Sheriff don’t come around
He doesn’t have the right.
Have you ever seen the stars
far away from city lights?
So meet me in the Wedge,
and both keep out of sight.


Well I had my fill of cobblestones and Camden Yards
Going Back to the place where living’s not so hard
I bet old Hickman’s pigs have up and flown the pen
and Ole John B. is drunk and in the ditch again
I held a flame for a pretty girl named Elenor Lee
Does she remember me? Guess we’ll just have to see.

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